White Paper

What is Soundchains?

Soundchains is a music copyright protection and trading system based on Soundlinks and Blockchain technology. Soundlinks technology enables the identification, authorization, traceability, and documentation of music in order to protect original music copyrights. Blockchain technology guarantees the credibility of music copyright registrations and uses economic incentives to accelerate the generation and circulation of high-quality content. Soundchains will bring tremendous added value and power to the existing music industry, breaking the deadlock between copyright monopoly and piracy infringement, and truly benefiting every aspect of the music industry. Traditional ways of accessing music can also use the API to access Soundchains and instantly receive the technology and services provided by Soundchains.

A music ecosystem based on blockchain and a token economy

Since the digitalization of music, music has always faced enormous obsession over intellectual property violation and difficulties in determining its rights. It thus becomes difficult for musicians to obtain enough revenue by selling music. Soundchains has created a new music value ecosystem that provides a copyright authorization and trading platform to return the benefits of music works to creators. We aim to gather more quality original musicians, get more fans to support by co-creating our community, find like-minded musicians to communicate with, and get in touch with better stage and production resources. Through the blockchain, high-security transactions, bookkeeping and determination of rights can be realized. At the same time, all the rights on the platform can be tokenized and we can issue our token SOUND to be used within our ecosystem. Through SOUND, all members of the community can be motivated to actively promote ecological development. Before the launch of our mainnet, SOUND will be issued based on the ERC-20 protocal of Ethereum.

The Indication on the Payment Services Act

Terms of the Use of SOUND account and SOUND

Our Mission

We at Soundchains believe in a music industry that is fair to musicians. Our platform is about building a community and rewarding creators. As an artist, you earn SOUND tokens every time your music is streamed. Artists keep 100% of streaming revenue. As a user, you can use the Soundlinks APP to listen to and share music, and earn SOUND while doing so. SOUND can also be used to invest in new songs.

In order to ensure that our community members (both artists, users and the platform) are serious about the development of our community, we have decided to lock-up our SOUND token for a given period of time. This lock-up shows that the Soundchains platform is committed to long term growth and development. By doing this, we will attract users and artists who are active participants and who truly believe in the platform. At the end of the lock-up period, SOUND will be able to be exchanged for both crypto and fiat currency.

Soundlinks Music

Anti-Piracy music

Soundlinks audio-ID encoding technology

Protect your music copyrights

  • Music copyright registration, licensing registration
  • Music comercial licensing smart contracts
  • An original music decentralized community
Soundlinks Technology

Music ID

The US patented and the internationally patent-pending technology SOUNDLINKS is a permanent recognizable identifier embedded into an audio file, thus creating an internal copyright ID. The team has its own unique Equal Energy Replacement theory, based on Feynman's renormalization in quantum physics, and have succeeded in separating the energy component and acoustic component from the audio and replaces everything with new energy. This can send digital information without reducing sound quality. This information is like biological DNA for the audio and cannot be destroyed.

Tracking = authorization

Embed a unique and indestructible DNA identifier into every distribution, channel, authorization, copy and download of music. As you listen to the music, you can recognize its copyright and authorization information and authorize with a single click.

Make music into media

SOUNDLINKS technology also enables offline music to connect to the internet. Embed an Audio QR Code within music so that music becomes a way for buildings, cinemas, malls, subways, airports, and radio & TV to connect to the internet.



Core Technology

Embedding SOUNDLINKS into music enables it to have a unique and indestructible identifier.

Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology ensures that once the authentication information is written, it cannot be falsified, and the copyright information is stored and traced.

Multiple protection

Trustworthy timestamps and digital signatures authenticate the original work, and guarantee the credibility of the music copyright.

Nurturing undiscovered music

Through crowdfunding of music albums, performances, incubating excellent original music. Let fans participate in the development of musicians.

Copyright income

Return all income from music copyrights and distribution back to musicians.

Development Planning Roadmap
SOUNDLINKS encoding service is released SOUNDLINKS APP is released 100+ indie musicians have joined us The music copyright registration system is in trial operation To complete smart contracts for music copyright authorization by the end of 2018 To support more community apps on Soundchains in 2019
Core Team

We aim to create a new systems of value and infrastructure for the music industry.

Cooperation with Musicians
  • Luney Tunez

    ATL super-producer Luney Tunez worked with Future on concepts for international superstar Rihanna. The track 'Loveeeeeee Song' , which would become RIAA-certified Gold was greenlit by Jay-Z for RiRi's LP Unapologetic, which would be RIAA-certified Platinum and win the 2014 Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

  • S.O.T.O.V.

    We are S.O.T.O.V. an acronym for Supremes of the Ohio Valley. All of us are in our early 30s and have been on a different path then the average human for some time now. We have been doing music for many years and have done a lot, but in the last 8 months we have completed a full project and a 3 singles, with a total of over 150,000 streams on spotify.

  • Eric Walker

    Eric Walker is a UK country musician with influences from Vance Joy, Razorlight, Swedish House Mafia and The Cranberries. His vocal influences from dance music with a writing style similar to that of Vance Joy or The Cranberries results in his signature sound. He is currently recording his EP 'Canyons & Highways' .

  • Golovenko Natalya

    Natalya is a jazz and soul singer. She has been performing since she was 7. In 2009, she has been a star in China from her first performance and has even appeared on the CCTV show “I’d Like To Be In The Spring Festival Galla”. In 2017, she was invited to perform as the leading singer in Disney’s Princess Movie Concert.

  • Jacob George Band

    Jacob George Band is a three piece rock outfit from Miami, FL comprised of Jacob George, Nestor Rigaud, and Tom Gilfoy. Grammy award winner Bonnie Hayes describes them as 'Real rock and roll!' IndieU.com raves, 'Throw away your auto-tuners and drum machines Jacob George is all about organic sound. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, and Jack white , Jacob George layers gritty rock vocals atop rugged folk acoustics.'

  • Maxwell Bruno

    Maxwell Bruno is a 23-year-old independent multi-talented musician and live-performing artist from Nairobi, Kenya. He has worked with various bands and had a number of musical collaborations with other upcoming artists. One of his tracks is 'Follow The Music'. Follow the music is a slow dance song combining a gentleman bad-boy feeling with a little bit of Spanish and French vibes.

  • Fidem Beats

    Fidem Beats is a Hip-Hop/EDM/POP Music Producer from America. He has signed a distribution deal with “Infinite Elements” out of Canada earlier this year. He love's the raw emotion of hip hop, the melodic complexity of EDM, the soul that you can hear from the voices of Pop music and does not want to limit himself to one genre.

Investors and Strategic Partners